• ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions 

for Business to trills and grow

Application that Operate Business – Invoicing, keeping customer relationship, new leads, handling financial data, managing HR, you name it we have a solution for you.

Better User Experience – No matter where your departments or branches are,  our applications delivers the best user experience, tailored made for you.

Unified workflow – Everyone on board, can use from anywhere. We support Cloud, on-premise server, or Hybrid.

Simplicity at Enterprise Scale - Delivering application solutions with best of breed technologies from the secure cloud inline with company's business policy.

Business Solutions

Let IT System work for you 

need a Experienced System 

Having a good Sales, Operations, Communication, and Data are the Key success factor for Business. The IT system empower these need to be integrated, working 24hours around the clock, reliable and inline with business process.

We are improving daily life of people at work by
  • Deploying IT system that operate business
  • automating boring tasks
  • Solving business issues with innovative and long lasting ways

We let company be more productive, save money, better insights, and thus success with digital transformation.

ERP overview

What is the different?

ERP connect all department, which mean a lot challenging to deal with more people, never ending task and diverged objectives. Companies are different from one to another, it need tailor made to meet each other uniqueness.
•Implementation Phases
After client sign contract we begin implementation phase
– Business Analysis, Objectives and features review, phasing and budget
– Project kick-off
– Analysis, development, validation, user training
– System test, bug fixes
– Go-Live
• ERP is not just software development, it need to understand Business needs, work flowand mythology in
• For Business to implement ERP is not a ordinary project. More than 50% of proprietary ERP implementations fail and only 18% of SME’s have deployed an integrated management software. But the bigger possibility of failures to deliver are actually our opportunity to thrive.
• Odoo ERP is transforming the market and fulfills a huge demand, by making implementation projects smooth, predictable and affordable. Over the past 5 years, more than 95% of Odoo implementations have been successful, which stands in stark contrast with other solution providers.
ERP Business Solution

V2M ERP make every business a Success!



We helps enterprises to own a profit center Business Solution. We deploy ERP cost-efficiently. Consult and develop customisation 1-on-1 to make sure each customer’s need have been addressed. Our Solution enable workable system, with Cloud operation, backup and recovery.

All our system come with High Security, and Low Price. Feel free to use our Cloud deployment consultancy service.

We Setup and implement for you, either on premise, cloud or Hybrid.

Business Strategy

ERP Solutions