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Odoo Development Solution

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 Total Solution for Odoo Development Services

Are you looking for an efficient Odoo partner to deploy Odoo ERP to your business? We bring together flexibility, scalability, and expertise to cater to businesses of different strategy.
Our proficient team of highly skilled developers and experts delivers flawless projects to the clients with all the necessary customisations.

Requirement Analysis
We sit together with our new clients to discuss their requirements, their pain, understand the business objective and operational workflow. After we capture clients input and what they expect from the implementation, we will brainstorm with our experts to draft what we will do, what features clients will get and the goal and deliveries of this project.
Odoo Implementation
We will help you analyse your requirements and suggest what apps are needed, and configure your Odoo apps according to your needs. There is no Application that fit all business, every business is unique and  thus configuration are unique to that business. We will also train you on how to use the implemented Odoo app in your own environment, and coach you on how you can best use those Odoo’s features to grow your business.
Odoo Customisation
Just like you need a customised quotation, invoice or delivery notes, you might also want to change the workflow to meet your real world operation needs.   Once in a while you might need to change the report format, make a new query that will help you more insight on operation, or management demand an analytic visualised report. We do the customisation and development to meet your needs.
Odoo Integration
You already using some other system that cannot be gave up? Or you need to use new system such as payment acquirer, mobile apps, newsletter subscription, facebook/viber/what’sup integration, we are able to help you different system talk to your odoo system. It’s better to put all system under one screen of control, and they work together seamlessly, let us do the integration job.
Odoo Maintenance and Support
We support you on technical incidence, version upgrade help, module customisation, odoo.sh hosting platform operation, getting help on odoo system, and many more. Subscription based service and available from 6-months to multiple years contract. Leave the technical matter to us, you can focus and mind your business.

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