ICT Solutions


System Integration

We design, configure, buildup and deploy Corporate IT Infrastructure. We provide the solutions for physical network connectivity, IT infrastructure, security system, business application, management information system, computing powers, corporate relocation, and office automation. Whether it is new establish, relocation or expansion, we can help you implement it, effectively.

System Integration Features
  • Deploying mobile connectivity
  • Relocation support
  • Smart office design that provide seamless communication

Cloud Computing Services

For your information management system and corporate IT, you don’t need to allocate extra budget on extra devices, development and maintenance. Now, you can manage your client contact, sales leads, invoicing, schedule management, payroll, etc., from office, your home or anywhere, from PC, mobile tablet, smart phone or any device. We provide easy to use, safe, customizable cloud computing solutions for your corporate needs. This service let you migrate your in-house IT system or server to Clouds, thus reduce expense and enhance performance. It also provide data redundancy, secure access everywhere, with any device.


ICT Infrastructure deployment

How important is Communication to economy and society? Whether it is internal or client communication, businesses today require impeccable systems that help them keep real time contact and generate and dispense information easily. We work closely with Telco, Internet service providers and other ICT providers to build and deliver cutting edge communication technologies.

ICT Infrastructure deployment features
  • Field engineering and technical work for ICT infrastructure
  • Design and project management
  • Consulting and technology training

System and application development

Only consistent evolution and constant strive toward success keeps a company alive and successful in today’s economy. Innovation and research and development are the way to go. We provide system, mobile and web application development, mobile presence, and system deployment to help enterprise convert data into usable information smoothly.

System and application development features
  • offshore system and application development
  • Mobile App, mobile site
  • remote support

New pick for this month

Web renewal

Tuesday 29th October, 2013

web-site Renewal

www.v2m.jp web site has undergoes a renew process and now it is up with better interface and rich information. We hope to get your continuous support.

Software development outsourcing

Sunday 15th September, 2013

We are offering software development outsourcing with better data management design and competitive price. Our Strategy aim to create a long term relation with clients, that we help them on every detail, design with user experience, customisation, instant response and read more >

Service Office business starting in Yangon

Thursday 29th August, 2013

With the objective to support international company enter Myanmar market, we start service office business in Yangon. Following service is included in standard offering. Registered address for your business Working space for you and your staff (equipped with internet and read more >